Maximize the power at your fingertips

CrossPrism, the ultimate photo tool for power users taking advantage of multiple CPU, GPU cores, and the Neural Engine. Identify species, generate captions, and enjoy customizability with model training. Auto-annotate unlimited raw photos locally keeping all your photos safely on your Mac. No cloud downtime, no data lock out, and no file transfers.

Models with precision

CrossPrism's 20+ expert models categorize everything from birds to landmarks to image quality. Break down catalogs with prisms for a new perspective and resurface old photos in unique ways. Its List Classifier provides a simple interface to produce quick, precise identification and cross reference with internet sources.

Customizable to your specific needs

Adapt CrossPrism to your needs with sample images or descriptive language training. Privacy is key — it operates entirely on your Mac with no uploads and no internet needed.

Video Support

Avoid the tedium of manually searching through hours or days of videos using CrossPrism. Even "advanced" video capture using motion tracking or object detection can take advantage of CrossPrism's trainabiliy to search for new or unrecognized events in the original footage.

Lightroom support

CrossPrism also extends its capabilities to Lightroom Classic with a bundled plugin, allowing you to add detailed keywords, search using image recognition, and train models from your Lightroom catalog.

Image Quality Assessment

CrossPrism uses advanced methods of image assessment with the ability to rank various photographic styles. It's based on crowd sourced photo scores and incorporates a broad range of perspectives.

Use this ability to quickly find your best photos. Combine it with other models to find the best photos within subgroups (e.g., date, subject, species, burst sequence, etc)

Culling speed and ease

With AI image analysis tools to break down photos by quality, subject, and similarity, CrossPrism makes a formidable culling tool. A 1:1 loupe view, saved sources (collections), and file operations make culling a breeze.

API support

CrossPrism is designed to be flexible and scale with your needs. It offers a HTTP API that opens its capabilities to other apps (our Lightroom Plugin uses it) or scripting tools like Python.

Check Github for examples:

List of models

CrossPrism includes recognition for: