CrossPrism Quick Image Recognition using the List Classifier

Drag and Drop Interface

Simply drag and drop supported images from the Finder, Safari, and simialr apps to produce quick classifications with their scores.

API Listener to refine and scrutinze classifications

The list view option "Include API" shows results of classifications done via the API (and apps that use it like the Lightroom plugin). This allows you to see the confidence scores behind the classifications, recrop the image, and cross reference identifications using the built in web browser.

Wildlife and Nature Photographer time saver

CrossPrism includes proprierary models for identifying flora and fauna not found anywhere else!

  • Over 5.9K bird species
  • 147 mammal species; perfect for safari photos
  • Over 6.8K oceanic/diving related species
  • Over 2.7K reptile species
  • Over 1.4K amphibian species
  • Over 31K insect species
  • Over 11K plant species by leaves
  • Over 16.8K plant species by flowers
  • Over 7.6K fungi species